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Centre Algatech – CyanoGroup

Protein Science Instruments/Methods

  • Analysis of protein complexes including membrane complexes by 2D electrophoresis – Clear-Native/SDS or Blue-Native/SDS systems, 2D western blots Apply

  • Purification Systems – HPLC and FPLC system for purification of proteins by ion-exchange chromatography and/or by gel-filtration Apply
  • Identification of proteins by mass-spectrometry – from solution or from gel bands/spots Apply – cannot offer at the mome

Analysis of biological pigments

  • Analysis of pigments by HPLC – separation and quantification of chlorophylls and other tetrapyrroles (hemes, bilins), carotenoids, bacterial pigments; detection by DAD and fluorescence detectors
  • Purification of pigments by preparative HPLC – mg quantities, characterization by high-resolution mass-spectrometry
  • Quantification of intermediates in tetrapyrrole (chlorophyll) biosynthesis – HPLC separation and quantification of all intermediates from coproporphyrin(ogen) to chlorophyllide, Apply

Omics and structural methods/ instruments

  • Metabolomics – analysis of complex natural extracts of primary and secondary metabolites using HPLC-HRMS and GC-HRMS techniques
  • Characterization of low molecular metabolites by HRMS – determination of exact mass, elemental composition and fragmentation pattern of low-molecular metabolites.
  • Purification of low-molecular metabolites – mg-g quantities using preparative HPLC and counter current chromatography (CCC) in high purity.


  • Phenotyping of cyanobacterial strains/mutants – grown under controlled regimes: various light intensities, CO2/O2 levels, nutrients etc. Strains can be characterized by various approaches including modulated chlorophyll fluorescence, pigment analysis, proteomics and metabolomics techniques – cannot offer proteomics

Laboratory of bioinformatics of the Institute of Microbiology ASCR

Inference and simulation of gene expression networks:

Both tools are freely accessible.

Epitope tagging based ChIP-seq analysis

  • Assistance in creation of specific protocols for obtaining binding data for sigma factors of prokaryotes.

Training on the software tools

Radio- and fluorescent labeled images scanning service.

  • Freely available service for scanning and image processing of labeled images. Originally intended for 2DE electrophoresis for which we can offer processing in pdQuest software. Generally, the scanning facility is not restricted to a specific type of image templates, it is based on a BioRad Molecular Imager FX scanner with additional laser, covering most of the dyes spectra, including phosphor imaging plates.

The Stable Isotopes Laboratory (SIL)

Analytical services

  • Carbon (13C) and Nitrogen (15N) Analysis of Solids by EA-IRMS
  • Oxygen (18O) and Hydrogen (2H) Analysis of Water by TC/EA-IRMS
  • Carbon (13C) and Oxygen (18O) Analysis of Carbon Dioxide by GasBench-IRMS
  • Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA) by GC-C-IRMS