The first meeting Intergovernmental Working Group took place in Amsterdam on Tuesday 10th January 2017.

The meeting was organised with support of the BBSRC and NOW, who together co-chaired the Legal and Governance work package of the ISBE’s Preparatory Phase.  The meeting was attended by the representatives of national European funding organisations, including two representatives from the Czech Republic.

Following the completion of the ISBE Preparatory Phase in July 2015, the ISBE partners have started to build a sustainable European research infrastructure. Two parallel tracks are being followed:

1) acquire start-up funding doe the interim phase

2) establish an initial portfolio of web-based services that are labelled ISBE light in three ISBE domains:

  • Modelling &Theory
  • Stewardship of research assets
  • Education & Training

At the meeting, the current progress as well as the process and the time line of building the ISBE was discussed and plans and activities in the context of national investments, priorities and roadmaps were considered.

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