The ISBE Management Team Meeeting chaired by prof. Roel van Driel took place in Amsterdam on 25th April 2017.

On behalf of the C4Sys infrastrucure, the meeting was attended by the MT member prof. Rüdiger Ettrich. First, the present status of the ISBE project was discussed, as well as its challenges and next steps. Then the ISBE – ELIXIR relationship was outlined along with a future relationship ISBE – FAIRDOM. Finally, the members of the Management Team focused on ISBE Light services (the aims, timeline, module modelling & theory, module teaching & education and module stewardship).

The new ISBE website will be online as of 1st July . It will contain (i) the portal for the three classes of ISBE Light services, (ii) user access rules, and (iii) general ISBE information transferred from the old ISBE-Project website. The latter site will be terminated. The URL will be linked through to the new ISBE website.



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