C4SYS is a priority infrastructure project on the national roadmap, and currently builds on close collaboration between the Academy of Sciences (Center for Nanobiology and Structural Biology, Nove Hrady, Institute of Microbiology, Prague, Global Change Research Center, Brno), the University of South Bohemia and Masaryk University, Brno.

C4SYS has the ambition to concentrate the knowledge potential in the field of systems biology in the Czech Republic and to connect the diverted systems biology research at the Academy of Sciences and various universities in the Czech Republic to the ESFRI infrastructure ISBE (Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe), which aims to establish, and enable access to an integrated, distributed infrastructure of state-of-the-art facilities for systems biology across Europe.

C4SYS is focused on the connection of protein chemistry and structural biology with molecular systems biology.
Additionally it will serve as a technological and methodological development platform, and as a training and educational site of the European infrastructure.

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Interconnection of equipment and knowledge potential within C4SYS  provides a broad educational and scientific platform.
This will not only push systems biology projects to a higher scientific level but will also  attract and raise a new generation of researchers.
C4SYS is involved in ISBE – Infrastructure for systems biology in Europe
C4SYS is increasing the regional influence of ISBE and strengthen systems biology research in the country

The infrastructure will enable and support scientific research aiming at the following goals:
a)  To understand biological systems, it is necessary not to perceive individual systems but higher, more complex structures, for example to understand the composition of an entire functional unit
b)  Biomolecules with a known 3D structure can be used as the basis for systems integration
c)  Structural information gained from multi-scale experiments enables an objective and faithful visualization of cell structure from molecular to cell level.
d)  The construction of structural information is an ideal platform for the consolidation of available biological information, and it will be synergic with the efforts of other fields of systems biology
e)  The application of structural information would influence the verifiability and interpretation of genetic changes and effects on diseases, and would provide instructions on how to perform more precise and comprehensive medical procedures.