Meeting C4SYS – ISBE
Date: Monday 22.9.2014
Time: 11 A.M. – 3 P.M.

Institute of Nanobiology and Structural Biology GCRC
Academy of Sciences of the Czech republic
Zamek 136, 373 33 Nove Hrady

Information on the ISBE progress and Research infrastructures developments.

Discussing Task 9.5. Future needs of the systems biology community with respect to storage and hardware:
Gathering information from the systems biology community and data storage and management facilities (surveys, meetings)
to identify the future needs of the systems biology community with respect to storage and hardware.
The meeting attended all the representatives of all C4SYS partnering institutions.

Discussion on Research Infrastructure C4SYS and the seminar on “Pictures from mathematics” was held on Friday, October 10th at Institute of Nanobiology and Structural Biology.
The event was organized by the czech infrastructure for systems biology C4SYS and Dr. Jost Ludwig.

Invited speaker and special guest:
Konrad Polthier: “Pictures from mathematics”

How can one visualize a curve that fills the entire plane or all of space? Can a polyhedron be smoothly turned inside out? What is the projective plane? What does four-dimensional space look like? Can soap bubbles exist that are not spherical? How can one better understand the structure of vortices and currents?

Konrad Polthier is a full professor and head of the Mathematical Geometry Processing group at the Institute of Mathematics at the Freie University Berlin and and the DFG Research Center MATHEON. His research interests are in the areas mathematical geometry processing, discrete differential geometry and mathematical visualization. He has published a number of books on mathematical visualization as well as entertaining videos on mathematics.
Konrad’s official homepage (that contains quite a lot of information about his work) is

For all the less mathematical enthusiasts, the lecture will not only contain beautiful pictures but also innovative short math videos will be shown.

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