This plan will be implemented and realized during constraction phase of RI in 2015-2016.

Access to the infrastructure will be simple and non-bureaucratic. If C4SYS is actively involved in a research project, its tasks, timing and other responsibilities must be unambiguous. The first step is always filling out a short form on the C4SYS web portal. The following steps depend on the type of request. Subsequently, the client is linked to a participting partner that has the relevant expertise. The procedures for academia and for industry will be essentially the same, except that the Project Plan (see below) will address additional issues. From the first contact to the end of the project each client is linked to a specific liaison officer who will act as a C4SYS’s contact person

The objectives for communication with comunity and external users are the following:

  • to contribute to design of the infrastructure
  • to use the infrastructure;
  • to provide access to facilities
  • to carry out high impact research

Access to RI services

a. The client is linked to a person in C4SYS and information/advice is given in a one-to-one mode. The client can either select the most appropriate service from a menu, or he/she may ask advice of a person at the central C4SYS office. If more extensive support is required the client is linked to the liaison officer that has the requested expertise. Together they select the most appropriate (combination of) services. Subsequently, the client submits a short Project Plan, supported by ISBE if necessary. If the Project Plan passes the feasibility and quality criteria of C4SYS it can be executed.

b. Project plan

The C4SYS Project Plan is a key component in the access procedure. It combines and synergises diverse C4SYS services and activities. The Project Plan is also important because it is C4SYS’s responsibility to ensure high quality systems biology. Moreover, it is the formal agreement between the client and C4SYS. Components of the C4SYS Project Plan are a general description of the research project, describing the aim, description of research with time lines and specifies the tasks of C4SYS and the client. Next it will clearly outline the responsibilities of both C4SYS and the client (budgets, costs, legal issues etc.). Also it contains a section on standardisation and SOPs. In case of a large project a risk analysis and contingency plan is added as well. Lastly the project plan will describe the ownership of data and publication and other legal aspects.

Feasibility and quality check
C4SYS will check the feasibility and the quality of the Project Plan and – if necessary – give advice about improving it. C4SYS will support users to develop an optimal Project Plan. It is foreseen that C4SYS is involved in formulating the research programme to which the project belongs. C4SYS will tune its judgement with the relevant funding agency or agencies.

All infrastructure facilities will be made available (“open access”) to qualified researchers from the Czech Republic, candidates grouped in clusters of systems biology, users connected to the ESFRI ISBE and other EU countries subject to the following conditions:

  • an agreement in advance with regard to the capacity of the facility, including an estimate of the necessary infrastructure capacity and timetable
  • the agreement will include arrangements of any intellectual property created using the equipment (including any operator between the inventors)
  • the method of determining the order of use of the infrastructure will be specified by a User Control Panel.

For this purpose it will serve to provide research services to external users – 30% of capacity, while international importance will be one of the main criteria.

Foreign users will follow the same procedure as domestic users. The web site and services are provided in English, irrespective of nationality or origin of the user.